These cookies are a delicious treat. These are made with coconut flour, coconut cream, coconut milk, bicarb, a pinch of salt and sweetened with xylitol. Our Ginger cookies use our coconut blossom sugar. With a range of flavours available: Coconut, Shortbread, Ginger, Gingerbread Men, Cocoa Carob and Choc Carob.



  • Coconut flour, coconut cream, coconut milk, cocoa butter, xylitol**, bicarb of soda and a pinch of salt. Each variety is then flavoured with either desicated coconut / choc carob / cocoa carob.


    ** Please note that our Ginger variety is sweetened with coconut sugar so they are not considered banting friendly.


    Please be aware that our biscuits were recently tested for gluten and despite all the ingredients being gluten-free, the results were positive for gluten due to cross-contamination. While most of our gluten intolerant clients have shown no symptoms we do not recomend that anyone with a serious allergy to gluten eat this product until we can get them certified as 100% gluten-free.