We get a lot of the same questions so we thought we would post our most frequently asked questions here:

Are your wraps and biscuits gluten free?

We wish we could say yes to this one. Our classic wraps and biscuits are made with coconut flour and coconut milk as the main ingredients. Logic would tell you that the end result would be gluten free. However, after having our products tested in a lab they were found to contain gluten. Hearts were broken. You will notice that there are no gluten free claims on our classic wraps and pizza bases packaging but this does not stop people from assuming that based on the ingredients they must be gluten free. Unfortunately this is not the case. Please, if you have a serious food allergy, such as celiac disease, we recommend that you only eat products that have been certified as 100% gluten free. 


On that note, we have finally been able to source a new baker who has managed to develop a gluten free wrap for us. Much excitement!

You will now notice that our wrap family has increased to 4 variations.

Our original classic wrap which contains wheat flour. 

Our coconut wrap - which has been certified as gluten free. 

Our banting wrap - which has also been certified as gluten free. 

And then our latest arrival which is our zucchini wrap. Also made using gluten free ingredients, however have not been tested as yet. They are made with gluten free ingredients, so we will update once we have these results.

Are your coconut and zucchini wraps banting friendly?

Our coconut and zucchini wraps contain tapioca flour, which is unfortunately not banting friendly.

Why are there no nutritional analysis on your labels?

We are very small business and having each product tested for nutritional analysis is extremely costly. That being said, we have grown and we understand how important transparency is when it comes to food. We are therefore getting our products tested one by one, starting with our wraps. Once we have the results from the lab we insert this information on our labels.

What is the difference between your Pizza Bases and Wraps?

Essentially there is no difference. When we started experimenting with using the wraps as pizza bases we were surprised by how well they worked. We started giving this cooking suggestion to our customers but informing each person individually was time consuming. By labeling some of our Wraps as Pizza Bases people were instantly encouraged to try this cooking method. We have since even created a Pizza Sauce to compliment this cooking method.

Do your products contain only natural ingredients?

Absolutely. We firmly believe that you should be able to use only natural ingredients in your food as well as your skin care that is why our range of food and skin care products contain only natural, petrochemical free products. You can rest assured that our products are natural and healthy for your body.


If you have any other questions you are welcome to email me directly on jenna@coconutconnection.co.za and I will do my best to answer it.

Best wishes,

Jenna and the rest of the team.